What if we told you that addiction isn’t really a physical issue, but an energetic one too? Addiction, a pervasive issue extends beyond the realm of drugs or alcohol to include behaviours such as gambling or excessive technology use. Often viewed as a chronic disease, addiction impacts brain function and overall wellbeing. While science offers insights into the mechanisms of addiction, La Nueva Terapia or LNT sees it from a different lens – An energetic imbalance treatable through therapy. How does addiction work scientifically? It triggers an increase in dopamine levels in the brain’s Nucleus accumbent. This area influences feelings of pleasure and reward. The surge in dopamine reinforces addictive behaviours creating a false sense of necessity. While drugs or alcohol are common culprits, therapists at LNT have encountered a variety of dependencies including medication, technology, and gambling among others. But what about the energetic origins of addiction ? LNT identifies addiction stemming from emotional energy imbalances. These imbalances often link back to unresolved traumas stored in the energy body. They can originate from personal emotional experiences such as relationship issues, grief or work related stress. In some cases they can even be a result of epigenetic transmission of addictive behaviours across generations. So how does LNT approach addiction treatment? It employs a comprehensive approach that targets emotional, physical and energetic aspects. 1. therapy sessions focus on restoring emotional equilibrium by addressing past traumas and emotional challenges. 2. therapist target the physical manifestations of addiction, such as liver damage from alcoholism or nasal issues from drug use. 3. the root cause of addiction wether substance related or behavioural is addressed through personalised treatment planes. LNT offers a unique perspective on addiction treatment. It addresses emotional, physical and energetic components to facilitate comprehensive healing by addressing the underlying energetic imbalances and providing personalised therapy. LNT offers a beacon of hope for those grappling with addiction, paving the way for lasting recovery and well-being.

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