Ever pondered why a strong immune system is so crucial to our overall health? The answer lays in the very fabric of our existence. Our immune system is our body’s shield protecting us from pathogens and diseases that lurk in our environment. This intricate system of defense is made up of the natural and acquired immune system, which together help maintain our body’s balance and well-being. But what happens when this guardian of our health becomes compromised? Prolonged use of antibiotics, chronic stress, inadequate sleep, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and substance abuse can all take a toll on our immune system. Add environmental pollutants and genetic factors to the mix and it is clear that our immune system has a tough job on his hands. Intro La Nueva Terapia or LNT – this innovative therapy offers potent techniques to strengthen our immune system, especially when it’s been weakened by such factors. One of the key ways in which our immune system can be affected is through stress and emotional trauma. This can disrupt the hormonal balance, particularly impacting our adrenal gland function. The result – a decrease in hormones like DHEA, an increase in cortisol and a suppressed immune system. Symptoms of this imbalance can range from recurrent infections and delayed healing to chronic fatigue and mood disturbances. The energy imbalances in our body can further exacerbate these effects, making us more susceptible to pathogens and over active immune system responses. So how does LNT step in to help bolster our immune system? The therapy involves several approaches such as improving energy flow, utilising the third axis for immune system restoration and employing techniques on the thymus and pericardium. Through the third axes, healing can be requested for both the physical and energetic bodies. LNT also directly addresses symptoms, such as infections, autoimmune conditions and allergies. For patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which often suppress the immune system, LNT can offer critical support by fortifying the immune system both before and after sessions.

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