Balancing the body’s energy

Everything we are and everything that surrounds us is energy. But then, what is energy exactly? And even more importantly, is there a way to balance the body’s energy and improve our well-being?

What is energy?

As defined by various Eastern cultures and religions, Qi or “Vital Energy” is the intrinsic force within every being or object. Every vibrating particle that takes shape at this moment, although we may not perceive it, is energy. For this reason, energy is characterised by vitality, virtue and creativity.

When humans understand the importance of balancing the body’s energy, we undergo a change in perspective regarding life itself.

Types of energy

The different bodies or dimensions that make up a being are interconnected. But how does each of them function and what is the purpose of the different types of energy?

Physical energy

Although physical energy has been underestimated by some spiritual currents, the truth is that this type of energy is essential for living any human experience. Physical energy is what shapes your dreams or goals. Without it, we would be denying life itself.

A balanced diet, daily physical exercise, and restful sleep are some of the drivers of physical energy.

Mental energy

We can differentiate between two types of mental energy: conscious and unconscious, and it is in both where we shape our reality. In other words, the life we choose to live stems from mental energy, specifically from our experiences and interpretations, beliefs, education, inheritance and memories.

Doing puzzles, meditating, reading or working on the computer are some examples of mental energy.

Emotional energy

Emotions are an evolutionary tool aimed at adapting us to the environment in which we live. Likewise, through them, we form bonds with other living beings and measure the quality of our relationships with them.

Emotions also invite us to reflect and learn, so their connection with mental energy is very close.

Feeling protected with a loved one or having fun while dancing are reflections of emotional energy.

Spiritual energy

Beyond creed, spiritual energy is an attitude towards life, where reflection and contemplation prevail. Trying to be aware of our actions, analysing what leads us to act in a certain way, meditating on the place you occupy in existence, developing compassion and experiencing gratitude define this type of energy. Moreover, making our spiritual energy conscious is fundamental to balancing the body’s energy.

5 tips for balancing energy

Modifying our habits and caring for each dimension of the human being affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, providing a greater sense of well-being.

Practice mindfulness

The first key point to balancing the body’s energy is to live in the present, that is, to be aware of our actions here and now. Mindfulness or “mindful attention” is a meditation practice that helps reduce stress and anxiety, and live any experience more fully.

In any case, you can always include a few minutes of relaxation in your day. Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Without forcing it.

Connect with nature

Lying in the shade of a tree, petting your dog, or taking a walk on the beach… There are many options to connect with our roots and take advantage of the benefits that nature brings, such as patience and tranquility, or even creativity.

Be grateful

We are surrounded by little things that can make us feel happier and fuller. However, we have not developed the habit of perceiving these details and valuing them. Being thankful for everything we have may not be easy, but its practice is very enriching. Therefore, before going to sleep—or upon waking up—recap on what surrounds you: from your legs, through your ability to reflect on life, to that camera you longed to have for so long.

Maintain a healthy diet

Avoid, as much as possible, white sugar and refined flours. While these may provide you with momentary energy, their nutrient contribution is minimal, and their digestion is heavier. Instead, choose fruits or whole grains that provide you with prolonged physical energy.

Remove electronic devices from your rest area

Finally, avoid using your mobile phone before going to bed, as well as screens that activate your brain and disturb your moment of rest. Try to make your bedroom a place to rest and be at peace.

How LNT can help balance energy

Balancing the body’s energy is a natural process of our own animal nature. However, we are often disconnected from the different dimensions that make up the human being. Just as we visit a physical and mental health professional when necessary, it is also convenient to consider our emotional and spiritual needs.

LNT is a quantum healing technique that can help us find the spiritual or energetic root of very diverse diseases. And because it has no side effects, it is suitable for anyone.

La Nueva Terapia can not only provide physical and emotional benefits but also spiritual ones. For this reason, and if you want to bring together the different aspects of your life, through LNT, you can awaken the potential that lies within you and balance energy, achieving powerful results.

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