Do you ever wonder why some people can have a glass of wine at dinner without giving it a second thought, while others struggle to stop after just one drink? Why do some people spiral into addiction? while others do not? It’s a complex question isn’t it? Addiction is not a moral failing or lack of willpower as some may think, it’s a chronic disease that affects the brain. The World Health Organisation and the American Association of Addiction Medicine classify addiction as a brain disease, it affects the way your brain processes pleasure, stress and pain. People who struggle with addiction often have difficulty maintaining abstinence independently, controlling their impulses and recognising the consequences of their addiction. They may also have dysfunctional emotional responses in their relationships. But what causes addiction? it’s not just one thing, but a combination of genetic predisposition, environmental influences and psychological vulnerabilities. Unfavourable environmental or personal struggles can increase the likelihood of someone developing an addiction but here is a Ray of Hope. Recovery is possible and while traditional interventions and mental health care are crucial, alternative therapies have emerged as valuable tools in the fight against addiction. Music therapy for instance uses music and sounds to help rehabilitate individuals on physical, emotional, psychological and social levels.This therapy conceptualised by Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Mendez in the 19th century can alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. Laughter therapy, as advocated by Dr. Patch Adams, has psychological and physiological benefits: it can reduce stress, boost the immune system and enhance social interaction. Mindfulness, a practice of incorporating meditative practices into daily life, can aid in managing anxiety, pain and depression by fostering nonjudgmental awareness and focus. …and then, there’s La Nueva Terapia or LNT This innovative approach to addiction recovery addresses the emotional and mental disorders associated with addiction, it facilitates inner healing and empowers individuals to navigate their recovery journey with resilience and strength. Addiction is a complex issue, but it’s not an insurmountable one. Each person´s journey to recovery is unique and can be made easier with the right support and tools. If you or someone you know, is struggling with addiction don’t hesitate to seek help. Reach out to a mental health professional or a support group. Remember, it’s never too late to start a new chapter in your life. Recovery is possible and a fulfilling addiction free life is within your reach.

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