Physical Pains of Emotional Origin

Have you ever experienced physical pains that you don’t know where they come from? Have you sought remedy for discomfort or illness and not found a solution or explanation for them? For La Nueva Terapia, these physical pains have an emotional origin.

From our perspective, you are facing an energy problem that, on many occasions, can be confused with a psychological problem and also has its manifestations in the physical body.

Energetically, these pains and the problems they generate are found in the emotional body of the person. It is there where emotional traumas that we have experienced and not resolved or traumas inherited from our parents usually remain, known as epigenetics.

The impact of these unresolved or inherited traumas can deform the energetic body, create congestions, energy leaks, etc., which leads to all these pains for which, many times, the person has not found an explanation.

What are the most common symptoms of these physical pains of emotional origin?

Often, people who come to La Nueva Terapia with this type of problem find that medicine has not been able to provide an explanation for everything that happens to them, as all the tests they have undergone offer negative results when revealing a possible cause or specific pathology.

These types of pains usually do not present a specific pattern. In fact, they are erratic pains, meaning they can change the location in which they manifest. One day it may be a shoulder, the next day a foot, or it may be a pain that occurs in some other area of your body.

In addition, their intensity is usually high and analgesic or calming medications that may work for other discomforts are not effective in these cases or high doses of medication are necessary to notice an improvement.

For LNT, it is significant to explain that all these types of pains intensify, especially in the second part of the night, especially after 4AM. This is because at night the physical body rests while sleeping, but the energetic body is more active, causing these types of pains to manifest.

Another characteristic of these physical pains of emotional origin is that they are exacerbated when the person experiencing them is subjected to situations of stress, anxiety or circumstances that make them feel great pressure.

In fact, by not finding a cause or explanation for what happens to them, many people end up experiencing a depressive syndrome. Hence, these energy-related pains are often confused with psychological problems.

Furthermore, another symptom that may appear is the low index of psychic vitality of the patient, which can be tested in these people with the therapeutic radiesthesia of LNT.

The most common cases we have encountered related to these types of pains have appeared in hypochondriac people or those who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Action plan with La Nueva Terapia

As we have mentioned earlier, the origin of these physical pains we have described lies in the memories of the emotional traumas we have experienced in this life or those we may have inherited from our parents.

These memories are trapped in the person’s energetic/emotional body, where they will generate frequency changes that will eventually affect cells, organs, as well as the entire physical body, causing pain or diseases due to excess or lack of energy.

To address these cases through La Nueva Terapia, we will use the three axes of healing.

First, with the First Axis, we will treat the pain area to restore adequate energy fluctuation in the affected part.

Subsequently, to erase the memories of the emotional traumas responsible for that frequency change, we will use the more energetic axes, Second and Third.

With the use of the three axes, we will perform an integral treatment that will bring healing to the origin of these physical pains of emotional nature.

Another possibility we can use to work on these types of pathologies is the remote work of LNT with clients. In fact, these sessions act very effectively and have offered very satisfactory results in people who have received them.

All this work can be complemented through the therapeutic radiesthesia of LNT, with which we can balance the vitality index of the patients. We remind you that one of the most frequent symptoms of these pains manifests in a low psychic vitality. Still, we will also measure and increase physical vitality.

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