Emotional Diseases Reflected in the Body

Just as we are what we eat, we are also what we feel and experience. Health is not solely related to physical condition: what happens in the mind and feelings also has its repercussions on the body.

It’s not new or entirely surprising to assert that diseases like depression have a clear reflection on our body. These mental and emotional situations also leave scars physically. They are what the medical field calls emotional diseases reflected in the body.

An ancient concept

One must go back to medieval China to understand how and why this concept of emotional diseases reflected in the body arises. There is documentary evidence of the treatment of this situation within the scope of oriental traditional medicine.

According to these parameters, a high percentage of the physical reactions that people experience are closely related to mental or emotional processes. In other words: the exterior shows something that is happening inside, in the deepest and most intimate part of the patient.

Thus, anxiety and depression are observed through many indicators, which are “warning signs” that the body gives both to the person experiencing it and to those around them. They are a series of alarms to indicate that something is not right and that professional help should be sought to solve it.

Physical signs of anxiety

Sweating, trembling, weakness, and fatigue… All these physical situations are very real when someone experiences acute anxiety. But it doesn’t end there: episodes of hyperventilation, feeling of suffocation, the appearance of anxious lumps in the throat… The physical consequences of anxiety are many and varied.

That’s why it’s sometimes challenging to find a clear diagnosis in the early consultations. And that’s also why it’s interesting to seek the help of mental health professionals at the same time it’s suspected that something like this may be behind the physical problems being experienced.

Physical signs of depression

In severe cases of depression, physical and bodily signs can be even more pronounced.

The first thing to pay attention to is a noticeable and rapid increase or decrease in weight. This is usually a clear sign that something is wrong. Another point to which attention is usually paid is dizziness, frequently accompanied by headaches and migraines.

On the other hand, people with depression often show frequent abdominal pains, breathing problems, and back pain.

It is important to note that these symptoms are not “mandatory” in all cases. Some people may manifest their situation under all or some of these parameters and others may not. Therefore, constant observation of the people around us must be sharp and analytical.

Mental illnesses reflected in the body: the case of children

These physical clues about mental and emotional ailments are entirely relevant in the case of the youngest members of the household. Unable to understand what is happening to them, and even less to name it, these bodily clues may be the only way to know that something is wrong and to find a solution.

Therefore, the exercise of observing minors must be even deeper and continuous. It is the only way to offer them the support they need from the very beginning. Because there are increasingly more cases of anxiety and depression in children, especially in these times derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solutions: LNT Therapy

Just as for any physical ailment we seek the help of a specialist doctor, once an emotional or mental problem has been identified, it is necessary to seek professional help.

One of the most commonly used methods, especially with minors, today is LNT. It is a relatively new type of therapy – it began to be used about 20 years ago – implemented by nurse Philippe Schwiderski.

Specialized in osteopathy and thanks to his various research and his own experience in daily patient care, the healthcare professional channeled a new system of quantum healing that helps to heal both the exterior and interior of the body.

Understanding that emotional and physical traumas are strongly linked is the first step to begin working with them in an integral way and solving them permanently. Because it’s useless to eliminate physical signs if one does not also work to reduce and eliminate the emotional and mental problem that is at its origin.

La Nueva Terapia, known as LNT, brings many benefits both physically and emotionally. And it is commonly used to overcome issues such as migraines, body pains, stress, anxiety, allergies, or even infertility.

Through direct energy channeling and connection with the Source, it is possible to awaken all the potential that resides within people and achieve surprising physical and emotional changes.

The mental balance obtained after experiencing the work with the energies of LNT therapy represents a 180-degree turn for people.

Working on the root of depression or anxiety problems will also have a direct impact on people’s exterior: these emotional diseases reflected in the body will disappear, eliminating all traces both in the body and in the soul and mind of individuals.

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